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Following are projects I have completed, or are working on in the world of RISC OS...

DynaByte Runtime Environment icon
DynaByte Software Runtime Environment. This is required by all the RISC OS applications I've made available here and includes the common BASIC libraries, such as the WIMP back-end and memory management. Nothing available here will work without a copy of this. Occasionally updates to this will be made available as routines are added and tweaked.
** UPDATED 28/04/2023 **
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PollMask icon

This is a handy tool for WIMP programmers that automatically generates Wimp_Poll event masks for you based on the events you would like to receive notifications of. All the reverse logic is done for you. Just check the box next to the event you wish to receive a notification, and the program spits out the relevant poll mask. Screenshots here.
** UPDATED 11/02/2020 **
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Poker icon

Another rather amusing simple video poker clone for the RISC OS desktop. The usual options are there, deck colour etc. The interesting extras include comprehensive statistical breakdown and a high score table. Screenshots here.
** UPDATED 11/02/2020 **
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Space Invaders icon
Space Invaders
What's there really to be said about this little one. Well... This was my first foray into writing an arcade style game in BASIC on RISC OS. The project progress page, since abandoned, is linked here for history's sake. This does NOT require the Runtime Environment as it has already been crunched into the code. Crunching was required for the game to run in real-time on an A7000+ machine. The un-crunched source is also available as part of the archive. The version of TimPlayer used for music, has now been updated, this fixes the Abort error as Invaders started on newer hardware. The Development Tools I created the encrypted data files with are available here as a separate download.

Lorum icon !Lorum
This is a simple Lorum Ipsum generator that can be either invoked from the command line or as an application with full WIMP control. Examples of command line use are included as the two Obey files "!Generate" & "!GenSize" in the root of the archive. The WIMP code is fully functional. Mousewheel scrolling support added. This is currently v0.99u3.
** UPDATED 11/06/2022 **

Official Allocation
Quizzics icon !Quizzics
Officially unveiled at the RISC OS South West Show 2020, this is a fully-featured and customisable multiple choice quiz game, for adults and kids alike. A question editor is included, so you can even add your own questions to the game.

NEW!! For RISC OS South West Show 2023, I've released an updated set of stock questions and an updater that updates the question set, whilst preserving any questions YOU have added. This can be found here. (Currently, the main download doesn't include the updated question set. The updater will have to be downloaded separately.)
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Roman icon
This is a simple application I knocked up in an afternoon that, when given a string of roman digits (MCMLXVII = 1967) will convert it to it's integer form.
** NEW 09/06/2022 **
Official Allocation

Currently under construction, this aims to replicate the function of the Raspbian utility raspi-config in the RISC OS desktop world. Eventually, this will add multi-boot support with RISC OS kernel selection by compile date and individual CMOS save & restore functionality, along with all the boot options available to tweak CONFIG.TXT

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